1st Hwarang- center interclub 7 dec 2019

And what a success.
Hwarang- center (Hwarang Steenokkerzeel ITF and Hwarang Vilvoorde ) organized his first joint interclub. A few members of Po Eun under Sabum Samuel Gerard and ITF Do-San Tervuren under Boosabum Luis Arend Sanchez joined us .
All clubs are members of ITF Headquarters – BITA.

This does NOT mean that clubs from other federations were not welcome!! Our doors are always open for all.

****61*** students took part in this competition, and this while most of the students were having test week or exam week at school.
The parents thought it was a good idea to let their children relax for a while during this week.

Away for a short period from the books and exercise in a healthy way while doing Taekwondo with friends to clear there minds.

Another nice fact:  there were **39 white belts** out of the 61 members. 
They participated in tul, non contact sparring and point stop sparring.

On to the next interclub.

Many thanks to all the senior students, parents, helpers from Hwarang- center and other clubs.

First steps and a great start as center referee from Alison Tobback, Sam Fournier and Chloe Bienfaisant

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