Seminar GM Vasilis 29 sep 2019, Amsterdam

The link to enlist for the seminar given by Grand Master Vasilis Alexandris in one of our BITA clubs, Chung-Mu in Amsterdam on September 29th.

The perfect chance to follow a training given by a 9th DAN !

We already went 7 and 9 times to the summer camp van GM and several times to his dojand in ThessalonĂ­ki, Greece. We also took our 7th and 6th DAN exam with GM.
We see GM Vasilis as our teacher and one of the best and greatest examples of our beautifull ITF taekwondo.
For all the BITA club comes GM Vasilis in person to give a seminar, for everybody, beginners, confirmed, kids and adults.
The GM speaks Greek, there is a Sabumnim that will translate to English, and we’ll translate also in French and Dutch.
DO not miss this chance !!!

There are two sessions on Sunday 29th Sep.
11u-13u, for everybody,
15u-17u, for everybody above 12 years, or younger but then minimum blue tag.
1 training is 15 euro
2 trainings are 20 euro 
(a small amount as we niet to provide plane, food, accommodation,… to GM.)
In principe shall the first session be about general taekwondo techniques, the second shall be more about hosinsol (self-defense).
Of course is GM free to decide who will do what đŸ™‚
We hope you can all attend, we are fier GM comes for the seminar, and we’ll be even more fier to see what you all, from the BITA clubs, can show to GM.
Master Dana & Sabum Pascal

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