Royal Dutch Open 30/03/19

10 participants, 11 medails, including 4 Gold !!!

Super well done everybody, with or without medal. Great come-back from Ryleigh and a nice 1st time for Sara. Next time there will be medals for both of you.

Aeron 1st Tul šŸ„‡

Brandon 2nd Tul šŸ„ˆ

Assia 2nd TulšŸ„ˆ

Melle 3rd TulšŸ„‰

Brandon 1st SparrenšŸ„‡

Aeron 2nd SparrenšŸ„ˆ

Zoe 1st SparrenšŸ„‡ Non-contact, en 2nd SparrenšŸ„ˆ

Mayssoune 1st SparrenšŸ„‡

Ayman 2nd SparrenšŸ„ˆ

Khadija 2nd SparrenĀ šŸ„ˆ

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