Fujimae Kids Cup

With 7 participants today participated in the Fuji Mae kids cup. (4 for the first time)

All after a nice sporting day home with medals.

Oskar Tul ?
Abol Tul ? non-contact sparring ?
Bahadir Tul ? non-contact sparring ?
Minka Tul ? non-contact sparring ?
Amin sparring ?
Olivia Tul ? sparring ?
Alex Tul ? Sparren ? en sparring ?

Congratulations ??

1st Hwarang- center interclub 7 dec 2019

And what a success.
Hwarang- center (Hwarang Steenokkerzeel ITF and Hwarang Vilvoorde ) organized his first joint interclub. A few members of Po Eun under Sabum Samuel Gerard and ITF Do-San Tervuren under Boosabum Luis Arend Sanchez joined us .
All clubs are members of ITF Headquarters – BITA.

This does NOT mean that clubs from other federations were not welcome!! Our doors are always open for all.

****61*** students took part in this competition, and this while most of the students were having test week or exam week at school.
The parents thought it was a good idea to let their children relax for a while during this week.

Away for a short period from the books and exercise in a healthy way while doing Taekwondo with friends to clear there minds.

Another nice fact:  there were **39 white belts** out of the 61 members. 
They participated in tul, non contact sparring and point stop sparring.

On to the next interclub.

Many thanks to all the senior students, parents, helpers from Hwarang- center and other clubs.

First steps and a great start as center referee from Alison Tobback, Sam Fournier and Chloe Bienfaisant

Fuji Mae Cup 8th Dec

Sunday 8 decembre, a nice competition for kids till 14 years A and B class une belle compétition spécialement pour les enfants jusqu’à 14 ans inclus.

Saju – Tul, sparring without contact, jump and brake from 12 years old.

Enlist as soon as possible, limited number of participants !!!

Enlist here.

Interclub youth B class till 14 years old

Saturday 7 décembre, Hwarang-Center organises a small interclubs pour beginner and B classes until 14 years old.

For Tigres, Tul (“Saju Jirugi”), non and contact sparring, Even without dobok you may participate !!!

Each participant will receive a nice certificate of attempt.

Where : Hertblock Sports Hall, Orchideelaan, 1820 Steenokkerzeel.

Time : from 14h00 till 18h00, (open as from 13:30)

Enlist via the link here under

Enlist here.

Royal Dutch Open 30/03/19

10 participants, 11 medails, including 4 Gold !!!

Super well done everybody, with or without medal. Great come-back from Ryleigh and a nice 1st time for Sara. Next time there will be medals for both of you.

Aeron 1st Tul ?

Brandon 2nd Tul ?

Assia 2nd Tul?

Melle 3rd Tul?

Brandon 1st Sparren?

Aeron 2nd Sparren?

Zoe 1st Sparren? Non-contact, en 2nd Sparren?

Mayssoune 1st Sparren?

Ayman 2nd Sparren?

Khadija 2nd Sparren ?

23/9 Matsuru Cup

One nice general repetition today at the Matsuru-cup for the Open EC !

A new system with many rounds in tul and sparring, everyone had many to do and this gave good sensations !

In Tul was Ayman 3rd, Assia and Marco 2nd, and a nice 1st place for Mayssoune.
In non-contact sparring Alex 2nd and Melle 1st.
In Sparring Assia 3rd, Mayssoune 2nd and Ayman 1st.

Hassan just outside the medals but many rounds in tul and sparring very wel done as for Alex and Melle in Tul.

Our Sabum was umpiring today ?

Another two weeks to wait…